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We create playful educational tools that revive in children and adolescents the passion to learn.

The tools of knowledge transfer in formal education compete against the cognitive and audiovisual stimuli that leisure activities generate in students. The goal of Digi Learnnials is to combine the pedagogical methodologies of formal education with the ingredients of digital entertainment to forge tools that help teachers to regain children's interest in learning.

A 2D Platformer game, built with the collaborative effort (for art assets and content) of students from over two hundred public schools located in the city of Buenos Aires. It was developed for the Plan Sarmiento netbooks to promote values of equality among different cultures with the 2018 Youth Olympic Games as main theme.
Our Role
  • Game Development
  • Game Design
  • Project Management
We have a soft spot for games that can be used in the classrooms. We truly believe that games are powerful tools to empower teachers and awake the passion for learning in students. With that in mind we’re developing a mobile strategy game, set in south american revolutionary beginnings of the 19th century, focusing on characters that can inspire today’s youth.

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